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The future cannot be predicted, but future can be invented. The coolest technologies are being created by those who are unaware of its greatness. No matter what you are doing now – whether you are a student or a software development guru at outsource company – come and join us at VARAIG. The most important things for us is not your job or grades, but your passion for technology and desire to work on something truly awesome. If your technology is the best, we can help you to make millions out of it.

//Competition brought by the founders and employees of:

Submit your breakthrough technology ONLY in one of the following areas:

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    Computer vision
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    Artificial Intelligence
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    Augmented and virtual reality

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We accept applications until 100 projects are selected
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You will find out the names of the winners within a month after the project submission deadline

// VARAIG is ready to develop the coolest technologies together with you
The following awards will find its superheroes
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VARAIG will continue to fund the best technological projects and create the NEXT BIG THING together with you and $ 200k from angel investors! */




Dr. Maxim Slobodyanyuk

Executive MBA, PhD

// VARAIG, founder, lead investor
// Successful tech entrepreneur, founder of VARAIG, Varg technologies, iLogos and Nika Entertainment, scientist (Honorary Inventor of the World in WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)



Vadim Barshtak

// VARAIG, co-founder, investor, advisor
// Serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Ex Playtech CTO. Over 20 years in technology and R&D management. Expert in social, mobile and real money gaming. Co-founded Zebrainy, Betbull and

Eric Kadyrov, PhD

// 10 years in HP with divisions and Office of Strategy and Technology in charge of technology roadmapping, M&A, strategic alliances, select R&D programs, OEM/ODMs accross various HP products. Credit Suisse / UBS: asset management and investment banking with specialization on private markets - Private Equity and Venture Capital funds.

Andrey Bogomolov, PhD

// Machine learning research engineer @ MIT Media Lab. (Co-)founder of and AI-enabled startups, serial entrepreneur.

Vadim Rogovskiy

// Serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Founder at Clickky, CEO and co-founder at 3DLOOK, Partner at WannaBiz (more than 12 seed investments). Expert in mobile marketing, monetization, and B2B sales

Andrew Kryvorchuk

// An acting VC (one of the co-founders and Managing Partner of CIG) and the founder of Hackersbase company.
Have more than 10 years of executive experience in investment, as well as in building new companies, business processes, and teams.

Vasiliy Chernomorov

// CEO at iLogos CIS, expert in game production, UX and gamification

Arthur Arsyonov

// humanist, enterpeneur, designer, owner of worldwide digital r&d lab, ex. Skolkovo foundation artdirector, ex. Artlebedev studio
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